Shirelle TianVan's Bio

“Visionary & the Go To Person”


Shirelle Tianvan is a founding partner of the Marvasti Tianvan Group and a successful serial entrepreneur, who is passionate about improving lives and bottom lines through Real Estate and Global Expansion.

As a visionary, a gift that is invaluable, she identifies and creates exclusive “one of a kind” opportunities, yielding favorable results.  Never intimidated by what makes others acquiesce, “no’s, insurmountable circumstances, or it’s never been done”, she fearlessly accepts the challenge…Tapping into her years of experience, professional training and creativity, impossibility must yield to accomplished! Clearly, life and success are defined on her terms.

Committed to her client’s success, she immerses herself in meeting their needs through focused listening and extensive research to find just the right opportunity. Shirelle operates with the end in mind and meticulously goes through every step of the process.  She anticipates potential problems then draws the best solution to ensure a successful closing.

She is an excellent Closer, and is known to have resuscitated deals previously on life support. Shirelle has closed transactions that has left clients speechless because they didn’t think it could be done; proving that business and real estate are not for the faint at heart. Some are amazed by her unrelenting perseverance, or by the unexpected profits that were gained.  It’s not surprising that her clients’ success is her best advertisement.

Shirelle’s got all the right stuff: integrity, intelligence, cultural sensitivity, business accruement, grace and a heart for people. Shirelle is hard working, a world traveler, down to earth, an excellent cook, loves entertaining, fashion and interior design.  Mostly, she enjoys transforming ugly houses into eye popping homes!

Relationships and family tops her list and her investments in those areas pays big dividends. She seeks the best for others and herself and exudes a zest for life that is contagious!

Wouldn’t you like to have an agent like Shirelle?  You can!  Her number is 954.205.4995, call her today.

Shirelle TianVan


Real Estate Consultant

Visionary & the Go To Person”

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