Xiaomei “Cherry” Liu

Xiaomei “Cherry” Liu's Bio

Analytical Wiz & Critical Thinker


Cherry’s ascension atop the ladder of the Supply Chain Management industry was a remarkable feat.  An expedition that spanned more than 25 yrs., and one that has been decorated with numerous promotions, awards and accreditation.  Having an analytical mind and being a critical thinker helped her to master, become responsible for implementation and training of SAP business software, data analysis, operations and inventory management and other key senior management roles.  She became a person in demand and highly pursued by a leading global company.  Once on board, she proved her weight in gold by strategically surpassing all revenue and performance expectations.

Humanly speaking, Cherry is described as a gentle giant, a powerhouse, conscientious and a fierce negotiator She has a brilliant mind, a natural at analysis and seeing things less obvious to most.  Commitment and loyalty are woven into the fabric of her professional and family life.  Her presence is calming, the entryway to a kind, honest and hardworking person.

The Marvasti TianVan Group is enjoying Cherry’s secret sauce of success, and clients are already singing her praises. She is positioned as the team’s Analytical and Compliance All-Star!

To “Cherry-pick” an extraordinary customer experience and a professionally trained agent, call 954.270.1500, she’s excited to help.

Xiaomei “Cherry” Liu

Buyer’s Specialist

”Analytical Wiz & Critical Thinker