Expand Your Business

The American Dream can be realized by foreign investors as well as international businesses seeking global expansion.  The United States offers a plethora of investment opportunities and welcomes qualified individuals and entities through the EB5 Visa Program, commonly referred to as the “Business Green Card.”  Immediate family of an approved EB5 applicant are afforded the same immigration status.  Spouses are eligible to work, and children have the opportunity to be educated in top learning institutions. 

Marvasti TianVan Group are Global Expansion Realtors; offering our clients exquisite upscale concierge services.  We’re an A-Team of professionals Realtors working in tandem from start to finish to achieve your goal.  We listen, then listen again to ensure that we understand your vision.  We strategize, then execute the best plan to grow your bottom line, increase your global presence and expand your business or help you create new ones

We match countries with businesses, businesses to investors and investors to opportunities. 

   Let’s talk Expansion! 

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