What is staging?

Staging is the preparation of one’s home in a way that appeals to a larger audience and promotes a faster sale. Staging encompasses small, but impactful improvements like; detail cleaning, decluttering, adding color with floral arrangements, pictures, decorative pillows, accent pieces, painting or simply rearranging furniture for greater curb appeal.

Is it Worth it?

Staging benefits both buyer and seller.  Homes that are staged help the buyer to see the property’s full potential, unique characteristics, as well as true room sizes.  These are key selling points that converts to a quicker buying decision.  Staging attracts more potential buyers creating a competitive market that favors the seller and tends to yield a higher selling price.  “Increasing Your Bottom Line”

Yes, it is worth it!

The Marvasti TianVan Group provides staging services.  Please speak with one of our professionals.